Tucker the Wonderpup

March 11, 2015

Tucker 13th B-Day 024“Tucker was an incredible girl who beat all the odds and statistics in her battle against cancer,” says her pet parent, Barb.  She called her yellow labrador retriever, “Tucker the Wonderpup.”

In 2008, Tucker was diagnosed with mast cell carcinoma and Barb says, “We were lucky enough to, by chance, learn about a doctor who was a pioneer in research for Tucker’s disease.”  The hour-long commute didn’t matter; they immediately went to meet Dr. Philip Bergman, Chief Medical Officer of at Katonah Bedford Veterinary Clinic in Bedford Hills, NY.  “From day one we knew that he would be our guardian and our guide.”

The first two years of Tucker’s cancer treatment went relatively smoothly, “just regular check-ups and monitoring every lump and bump that old labs get,” Barb explains. But in 2010, Tucker’s cancer metastasized.  Dr. Bergman recommended a plan of IV Chemo, followed by Palladia, and despite Barb’s worries, Tucker sailed through the treatments and her cancer went into remission.

Four more times, Tucker’s cancer returned, and each time, she was able to go back into remission!  This was truly a miracle quite literally for the record books. Her treatments included Mastinib (later approved by the FDA and known as Kivanet), Enalapril, acupuncture, Vinblastine, and lots of love and compassion from Dr. Bergman and Tucker’s team of internal medicine and alternative medicine doctors at KBVC.

The journey was not always easy, but Dr. Bergman and his team went above and beyond to sustain our spirits and Tucker’s battle.  On her 13th birthday, Tucker celebrated with a filet mignon cake! She was with us until just days short of her 14th birthday.

Tucker was a fighter, and Dr. Bergman is wonderful:  together as a team, they were nothing less than miraculous.

– Barb U.

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