Snowball Survived Testicular Cancer

March 20, 2015

Donna_Anderson_SnowballI had a little dog, full of energy and love. His name was Snowball, and like his name, he was white and fluffy. I loved how he would always shake hands, and then he wanted to shake the other hand. He would play with butterflies and birds, jumping in the air.

One day, he started to just bark and stare at me (with tears in his eyes). I took him to the vet. Snowball had testicular cancer. They operated (neutered him), and he was fine. That could have spread to other organs. They got it in time, and he lived a total of 18 years.

When he finally passed away and I buried him, I cried for a week. He was my buddy through high school, the Navy, and beyond. And like me, he was a cancer survivor. I remember sitting just looking at his grave, and my heart was lifted when I saw all these butterflies flying over his grave. I then had a huge smile.

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