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One Health

The Puccini Foundation is a strong proponent of the global One Health movement: the collaboration and integration of human, animal and environmental health care professions for the benefit of all that inhabit the earth. Linda Wassong, founder of the Puccini Foundation, serves on the Board of Directors of the One Health Commission. The One Health philosophy is being increasingly embraced by all disciplines of health care.

PrintWe all live together in the same environment, and people and pets suffer from many of the same health problems and diseases, including cancer. With the One Health goal in mind, physicians, veterinarians and environmental health practitioners are learning from each other and working together to solve health issues that affect both people and animals.

Some important aspects of One Health include the following:

HOW ONE HEALTH WORKS: how_it_works


The One Health philosophy helps us understand why people and pets get many of the same cancers, and how together, physicians and veterinarians can help find treatments and cures for cancers that affect us and our pets.

Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation for humans are being successfully used for animals, and similarly, treatments that have helped our pets are being modeled for human use.

A prime example of One Health is the field of Comparative Oncology: One Health working to find treatments and cure cancer. Physicians and veterinarians study cancer that occurs naturally in pets to find new pet cancer treatments that can also help people. Click here to read more.

Knowing that cancer affects both people and our pets and understanding the connection via the human-animal bond and genetics can help us all be more aware and take better care of our health and that of our pets. Early detection of cancer is key for successful treatment in both people and animals. Know the warning signs of cancer for you and your pets.

One Health:   Together we can find treatments and cures for cancer that affects pets and people.


Thank you to Erin Frey, DVM, for her One Health contributions to our website.