Noah, Our Cherished Kitty

March 26, 2015

This is a Jose_and_cat_Noahphoto of our cat Noah being very loving as usual. Sadly, he became very ill while we were away on a trip. He was boarding at the Cat Doctor in Thousand Oaks while we were away. Noah was diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease, which is more common in dogs than cats. It is a cancer of the Mast Cells in the spleen.

Upon our return we met with our vet and got to see Noah. He was very sick. He had been vomiting regularly and not eating very much while he was boarding. He was also was not interacting with the vet techs and vets. He preferred to be alone, which is not typical behavior for him.

It is with great sadness that we had to put him to sleep so that he would not suffer anymore. His quality of life was no longer good. Carol and I are very heartbroken. I got him from a shelter when I was living in NJ over 14 years ago during a very difficult time for me personally. This was before I met my lovely wife, Carol. He made me feel so much better with his unconditional love towards me. He just loved to be petted and would follow me around the apartment. He was truly a human-centered cat, just like dogs are with humans. Carol and I would joke that he really was a cat-dog. For those of you who have pets with illness, cherish every moment with them. They love you as much as you love them. You will never know how time you will have with them. I shall love and miss Noah always.

– Jose P. from Thousand Oaks, CA

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