March 6, 2015

Naya wnaya_CIMG1270as 6-1/2 years old when her primary care vet removed a tumor and had it biopsied on October 7, 2009. When the diagnosis of grade 3 mast cell carcinoma was the result, Pat wasted no time, getting Naya in to see a veterinary oncologist five days later.

A battery of tests determined that Naya’s cancer had spread, and on October 29th she underwent another surgery to remove the surrounding tissue. A year of chemotherapy followed.  Counter-intuitively, Naya’s main side effect was an increased appetite!

Naya turned 10 in February of 2013.  Her pet parent said, “It’s the first time in decades that I’ve had a boxer reach ten years old!”

Naya continued regular check-ups every six months. In August of 2013, her ear flap had a cancerous tumor, but only grade 1 mast cell, and she had surgery in later that month. To keep her sutures clean, Naya went everywhere with her personal pillow!

– Pat F.

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