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Comparative Oncology

“Common Cancers, Common Cures” – American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation

“What is Comparative Oncology?” – Center for Cancer Research

“Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium” – Center for Cancer Research

Pet Dogs Help Biotech Startups Find New Weapons to Fight Cancer

Pets & People: Shared Cancer

“Vets Grow Furry Friends For Movember”

“House Call: Know The Facts About Lung Cancer”

“Colorful Fruits, Vegetables May Be Key to Cancer-Fighting Diet:”

“Sugary Drinks Linked To Increased Prostate Cancer Risk:”

“Cancer Survivor Conceives After Frozen Ovarian Tissue Operation”

“Bioniche Life Sciences: U.S. Distributor Appointed for Bioniche’s ImmunocidinTM Canine Oncology Therapy”

“‘Doggie Doctors’ Trained To Detect Ovarian Cancer In Women:”

“A High-Carb Diet May Increase Odds of Colon Cancer Recurrence, Study Says:”

“Can Your Job Increase Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?”

“Vitamin D Helps Body Put Brakes on Cancer:”

“Doctors Look To Dogs To Cure Cancer”

“Five Things to Know About Lung Cancer”

“Orangutan’s Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer Ends”

“The Dogs Forced To “Smoke” Up To 15 Cigarettes A Day”

“Equine Oncology Program Unveils New Cancer Research Project”

“Breast Cancer in Dogs Can Be Prevented”

“Evolving Cancer Could Spare Tassie Devils”

“Top 10 Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer”

“Why Blind Mole Rats Don’t Get Cancer”

“Laser Microscope Technology Detects Metastatic Breast Cancer Without Damaging Lymph Nodes”

“Meat Consumption And Cancer Risk Varies By Race, Study Shows”

“Life, Interrupted: Hurricanes and Cancer”

“Pet cancer in spotlight during November”

“Protecting Pets During and After a Hurricane”

“Targeting Stem Cells Helps in Brain Cancer”

“Enrique Iglesias Fights Cancer At Concerts”

“Personalizing Cancer Care”

“Eufaula Pooch ‘Bounces Back’ From Cancer, Helps Humans”

“Cat’s Behavior Could Be A Sign Of Thyroid Cancer”

“Yunzhi Mushroom May Be Beneficial In Fight Against Tumours”

“Green Tea’s Anti-Cancer Secrets Revealed”

“Cold Virus Proteins Give New Clues For Cancer Therapy”

“Multivitamins Cut Cancer Risk in Men, Study Finds”

“Cancer Treatment Found Safe For Dogs Could Eventually Be Used For Men”

“Comparing Animal And Human Cancer Is Of Mutual Benefit”

“Regular Aspirin Use May Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk”

“Poodle is First Dog to Receive Special Cancer Treatment at UT Vet School”

“Health Implications Associated with Pet Obesity”

“Cancer Stem Cell Therapy: Real Or Just Hype?”

“Cancer Care Advances”

“Pretty in Pink: How Pets Are Helping the Fight Against Breast Cancer”

“Man-Made Chemicals Giving Our Pets Cancer”

“Larry Fitzgerald Honors His Mother During Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

“Breast Cancer Research: 10 Things We’ve Learned About The Disease So Far This Year”

“Trojan Horse Drug Therapy Offers New Approach to Tackle Chemo-Resistant Cancers”

“Gynecological Cancer: 5 Signs Women Ignore”

“Pets Share Our Environment and Our Diseases”

“Breaking the Breast Cancer Code”

“Lumps & Tumors In Birds”

“Pets Share Owners’ Diseases”

“MD Anderson Cancer Center Plans ‘Moon Shot’ for Cures”

“How Dogs Fight Cancer”

“Bone cancer in dogs and cats: diagnosis and treatment”

“New test shows popular rice products contain a chemical linked to cancer”

“Orangutan’s cancer treatment similar to humans”

“Genetics to determine cancer treatments”

“Fighting cancer in dogs (VIDEO)”

“Researchers Look To New Methods For Treating Cancer In Dogs”

“Vets and Physicians Find Research Parallels”

“Shocking Study: Canine Cancer Treatable With Mushroom Compound”

“Q&A on prostate cancer awareness”

“Cancer Vaccine Appears to Slow Tumor Growth in Advanced Canine Cancer Cases Without Hazardous Side Effects”

“Tumors and Treatments In Horses”

“Housework ‘Helps Cut’ Breast Cancer Risk”

“Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect, so listen to your body”

“Beau helped me fight cancer:”

“Missouri veterinary school professor clears path for canine prostate cancer research:”

“Deadly cancer about to meet its map (VIDEO):”

“Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk Goes Up With Weight:”

“Dog jawbones regrown by UC Davis researchers:”

“Bridging the human-animal divide: We have a lot in common”

“Cancer Clues from Pet Dogs”

“Canine Cancer Studies Yield Human Insights”

“Doctors and Vets Working Hand in Paw”

“Doggie Donor”

“Dogs Get Cancer Like People, and Hold Clues to Cures”

“Dogs with cancer point scientists to treatments for people”

“Equine Malignant Melanoma Horse Course”
Watch Video

“How Curing Cancer in Dogs at Ohio State Helps Humans, Too”

“Malignant Melanoma in Horses”

Man’s Best Friend Joins the Fight Against Cancer

“The National Cancer Institute’s Comparative (animal) Oncology Program”

“One Medicine: On the Path to Improved Cancer Diagnosis”

“Penn Researchers Demonstrate Efficacy of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Vaccine”

“Penn Researchers Find Epstein Barr-like Virus Infects and May Cause Cancer in Dogs” – University of Pennsylvania

“Safety and Immunogenicity of Tyrosinase DNA Vaccines in Patients with Melanoma – Dr. Jedd D. Wolchok”

“Selenium and “Man’s Best Friend”: Warriors Against Prostate Cancer”

“Skin Tumors in Horses”

“Technology Review: Tiny Drill Attacks Tough Tumors”

“US News: Dogs With Cancer Helping to Find a Cure”

“Veterinarians team with cancer center researchers to benefit canine and human patients” – UC Davis

“Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Recognized by The National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology”

“Working Together to Find a Cure” – SyndicateMizzou

Human-Animal Bond

“Center for the Human-Animal Bond”

“Definitions of the Human-Animal Bond – Argus Institute”

“The Human/Canine Connection”

“It’s an Association”