About Us

Our Mission: The Puccini Foundation is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and people… cancer free. We honor the human-animal bond and support programs that benefit pets and the people who love them.

AboutUs-CreditTo achieve this mission, our foundation supports these programs:

PET CANCER AWARENESS  – When pet parents are aware of cancers that affect their companion animals, they can learn the signs and be more vigilant in checking their pets. Prevention and early detection are key.

Our website serves as a resource of information for pet parents who may be facing a diagnosis of cancer in their cat or dog. Please donate to help us raise awareness among pet parents.


FUNDING CANCER RESEARCH FOR OUR PETS – Exciting, new research, treatments and scientific disciplines are becoming available to help our pets (for example, immunotherapy, veterinary oncology and comparative oncology), and many of these programs benefit human health, too. But these innovative programs can only take place with more funding.  Please help by donating to our foundation.

While develop partnerships with corporations and other organizations to create fundraising programs for continued pet cancer research, we rely primarily on donations from individuals like you.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR PET PARENTS – It’s heartbreaking if pet parents can’t afford to pay for cancer treatments that their companion animals desperately need in order to save their lives.

We establish partnerships with, and help fund organizations who provide financial assistance to pet parents in need, but we can only make this happen with your donations.


Please support our mission and help save the lives of the pets and people you love.