Our Mission

The Puccini Foundation is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and people… cancer free. Our mission is to make this a reality through education and funding of comparative oncology programs.
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Puccini, for whom the foundation is named, made history as a participant in clinical trials that ultimately produced the first-ever USDA-approved vaccine for cancer in either humans or animals.
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Shared Cancers

To understand shared cancers, we must first appreciate the human-animal bond--that dynamic, mutually beneficial relationship that has existed between people and animals for ages. The human-animal bond is at the heart of the research supported by the Puccini Foundation.
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Comparative Oncology

Comparative Oncology is the study of cancer that occurs naturally in animals, and the comparison to its human counterpart in order to identify treatments and cures that can benefit both people and pets. The discipline only studies cancer that has occurred spontaneously and naturally. Cancer is never induced in the animals being treated. Read more.

Melanoma vaccine success

The Puccini Foundation is proud to have been involved with one of the great successes in the field of comparative oncology – clinical trials that resulted in ONCEPT™, the first-ever cancer vaccine to be USDA-approved for use in animals or humans
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Linda Cohen Wassong

Linda Cohen Wassong channeled her love of animals and her devotion to her cocker spaniel, Puccini, to establish the Puccini Foundation. The organization supports comparative oncology research and is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and people…cancer free.
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Welcome friends, to the Puccini Foundation

The foundation was named for Puccini, my dear cocker spaniel, who was my constant companion for 14 years. Sadly, he lost his fight with cancer, but only after making history as a participant in an amazing clinical trial for a vaccine that extended his life both in quality and quantity. The vaccine has since been USDA-approved, is helping dogs with malignant melanoma, and the findings from the clinical trials have been applied toward studies to create a similar vaccine for humans! 

It was during our precious, extra time together that I promised Puccini I would create this organization* to support the growing science of comparative oncology and celebrate the human-animal bond. Millions of cats and dogs are diagnosed every year with the same kinds of cancers found in people: melanoma, lymphoma, bone cancer, breast cancer and more. Studying and finding therapies for cancers in our pets, can lead to treatments and cures for people as well. Comparative oncology researches and treats cancer that has occurred naturally in pets; there is never any testing on healthy animals.

The Puccini Foundation is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and people… cancer free.  

Please donate whatever time or funds you can to this important research. I hope you will find our website to be a resource for information about comparative oncology, and a source of community and hope.

Very truly yours,
Linda Cohen Wassong

*The Puccini Foundation was recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit in August 2007.