Our Mission

The Puccini Foundation is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and people… cancer free.
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Pet & People Cancers

To understand shared cancers, we must first appreciate the human-animal bond--that dynamic, mutually beneficial relationship that has existed between people and animals for ages. The human-animal bond is at the heart of the Puccini Foundation.
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Know the Signs -- Save a Life

Our pets get many of the same cancers as people. Knowing the signs of cancer in our pets can save their lives. Half of all pet cancers are treatable if caught early.
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Common Cancers

Learn about cancers common to dogs and cats. These are also cancers that people get, and the treatments for pets often the same as for humans.
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Puccini, for whom the foundation is named, made history as a participant in clinical trials that ultimately produced the first-ever USDA-approved vaccine for cancer in either humans or animals.
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Linda Cohen Wassong

Linda Cohen Wassong channeled her love of animals and her devotion to her cocker spaniel, Puccini, to establish the Puccini Foundation. The organization supports pet cancer awareness and research.
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Thank you, Blue Buffalo & Petco Foundation

We are grateful to Blue Buffalo and Petco Foundation for their generous $50,000 grant. The Foundation will use the funds to support cancer research and provide pet parents in need with financial assistance for their animals' cancer treatments. This would not have been possible without this significant gift from these two organizations. Read more.

Did You Know Pets and People Get the Same Cancers?

I found out when I was told my dear cocker spaniel Puccini had melanoma; I thought it was a human skin cancer. (Scroll down to see the video of Puccini’s story.) I was devastated. But experts say half of all pet cancers are curable if detected early.


Learn the signs of cancer in your pets (click here).  It can save their lives. 

I created the Puccini Foundation to raise awareness about cancers that can affect our beloved pets and people.  These are called “shared cancers.” We share the same environments, exposure to toxins, we share love and companionship through the human-animal bond, and we even have similar genomes as our pets, so it is natural that they would share the same cancers.



If you’d like to make your donation to honor, or in memory of a special person or pet, please include a note in the Optional Notes section of our Donation Page.


This great work can’t happen without more funding. We need your help NOW.


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Our pets are our companions, our partners, our family.

Please give whatever you can and help save the lives of the pets and people you love.

Very truly yours,
Linda Cohen Wassong



The Puccini Foundation was recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit in August 2007.

The Puccini Foundation offers resources for informational purposes only. We recommend you consult your veterinarian or veterinary oncologist for all matters pertaining to your pet’s health.